5th Alanya International Art Exhibition starts today at Alanya Cultural Center.

“Art is the Common Language of the World” with the slogan started 5 years ago, the International Art Exhibition, today at 14:30, after the opening ceremony, will be presented to citizens.

22, 23 and will remain open on 24 November at the International Art Exhibition, Turkey, Ukraine, Iran, Russia, Poland and attending a total of 25 amateur and professional artists from the UK.

5th ART EXHIBITION One of the most exclusive exhibitions bringing together amateur and professional spirit

Alanya International Art Exhibition, which was initiated by the Foreigners Assembly of Alanya Municipality 5 years ago and brings a different perspective to art, brings together the amateur and professional spirit performing many branches of art such as painting, photography, handicrafts, calligraphy and sculpture. Starting on November 22, it will remain open for 3 days “5. 25 artists will be able to exhibit their works at the Alanya International Art Exhibition. Every artist can participate with 5 works, regardless of their religion and nationality, “Art is the Common Language of the World” message will be given.