Children Will Compete For Recycling Program

With cooperation of the Alanya Municipality, the Alanya District Governorate and the District Directorate of National Education, a painting contest on the subject of “Reuse of packaging wastes, recycling and reuse” will be held on the World Environment Day.

While colorful events are organized with participation of all schools on June 5th, the World Environment Day every year, this year, the event will not be held due to the coronavirus epidemic, which takes place in our country as in the whole world. Within the scope of the planned painting competition, environmental protection, “Reuse of packaging wastes, recycling and reuse” will be discussed and it will be aimed to raise awareness among students. The works will be evaluated by a commission set up by the Directorate of National Education.


The Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel said that collecting packaging wastes separately at the source contributes to both the environment and the economy, and the awareness of the family and children has increased with this type of competition and recycling awareness has gained momentum. The Mayor Yücel said, “As a result of the joint organization of our Environmental Protection and Control Directorate and our Cleaning Affairs Directorate, we will have good rewards for our students who are placed in the competition. I wish success to all our students”.


When recycling is mentioned in Alanya, students who can depict everything they dream about, paint and draw, and submit their pictures to the school directorate, the Alanya District National Education Directorate, the Alanya Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Directorate until June 1st, 2020.


If the students and parents who care to stay at home during the normalization process apply to the Alanya Municipality Solution Desk 444 82 07, their pictures will be taken from their homes. You can access the Competition Specifications from the Alanya Municipality Web Page.